June 1st

on Monday, June 1, 2009

Maria and I have been trying to make statsjam run properly on our wikis since morning with no luck. I followed all the steps in the README file but when I add the , it attemps to create a new wikipage called Main_Page/extensions/statsjam/statsjam_to_HTML.py. The bold part is the statsjam path in my mediawiki directory. I guess I have to bebug the .py files to see what is going wrong.

The first extension that is finally working nicely in my wiki is Wiki3D. It lets you insert one or more 3D objects (box, cylinder, sphere, and cone) in your wiki page with the dimensinos and motions you specify. Here is an example. I looked at the source code. It uses a Java applet and provides the user specifications as input to the applet. To insert that applet in the wiki page, it uses the HTML APPLET tag and inserts it directly into the page. I will try to apply this idea to applets taken from maneyes.

Other interesting extensions: