June 8th - Implementing user interface

on Monday, June 8, 2009

I decided to call the data insertion tool "quickViz" for now. The final name will be something within this scope but definitely more creative. Here's my progress so far:
  1. Reading spreadsheets: Since I am not sure whether to use python or php for the extension, I decided to look into both. Both of them have modules for reading .xls and .csv files, which is good. Though Python is easier to read.
  2. Copying and pasting from an existing table: I tried tables from excel, csv , pdf, word, power point, and web pages of course. In all cases, when you copy and paste a table, the items become separated by spaces and the rows get preserved nicely. I guess for the first version I will just parse the input using space as delimiter.
  3. Adding quickViz button to the toolbar: I spent about 3 hours on that, but I finally managed to add a customized button to my mediawiki toolbar, see the picture below:
  4. Browsing to a file: Here's a simple way to do it.
  5. Creating a textbox with default value.
  6. Creating a popup window: After the user clicks the quickViz button, I would like a popup window to appear. This part is crucial because it'll contain all the previous stuff that I managed to find/solve/make. I am currently looking at Javascript and http://javascript.internet.com/generators/popup-window.html.