May 21st - Data Insertion Tool

on Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making and formatting tables in wikis can be pretty tiresome for non-technical users. Hence, we can design a simple and user friendly interface to insert tables. Users can decide what rows and columns they want, and input the data in the proper slots. Or they can simply browse to an existing csv file.
Since Maria is working on Electronic Lab Notebooks, I thought we could something more sophisticated for the scientists to insert data. May be pretty diagrams like Manyeyes? and may be a search feature for existing databases?

Sarah (thank you very much) directed me to some tools that enable table editing in wiki pages. But they still use the idea of macros and text syntax (which can frighten non technical users). Now although scientists at the Hardley Center have programming experience, many other scientists don't. So if we develop this tool, it may not be as useful to HS as it is to non-technical users. I think I have enough ideas to start working on the power point presentaion tomorrow.